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Mexico City

Mexico is one of the well developed countries

in the world for hair treatments and operations.

The country’s good medical services and clinics

with the latest technology, good plastic surgeons,

and affordable prices make Mexico a good choice

for a hair transplant.


Dr. Balmori

With more than 5 years of experience providing excellence in beauty enhancement treatments,

Dr. Balmori is a Surgeon, Aesthetic Physician, Medical Trainer and prominent Speaker at a national and international level.

Dr. Adrian Mateo

His advanced skills and deep experience combined with an understanding of international medical tourism management experience led him to form part of Allure's Doctors Team.


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What to do in Mexico?

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Visit Frida Kahlo Museum

Casa Azul is non-traditional in that it’s her home and not a proper museum.

You can see both Frida’s art and the surroundings that inspired her.

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Metropolitan Cathedral

One of the 30 largest churches in the world, with a capacity of about 6,750 people. Of all of Mexico City’s gorgeous churches, and there are many, this is the grandest.

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Xochimilco Boat Ride

A UNESCO World Heritage Site. The canal system here was hand-dug by the Aztecs centuries ago.

The plots of land throughout the canals, called chinampas, were used for farming. 

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