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Allure performs highest-grade standards in hair transplantation operations reflected by ensuring FUE Transplantation technique which is a must-have standard in all operations. This is a clear manifestation of Allure Clinics which is established by Medical Doctors; operations are strictly performed by or under supervision of Medical Doctors.


Allure's top priority consists of three critic components: Aesthetics, an extremely natural looking hair is one of the top pursuits at the operations; the ultimate comfort of the patient during and after the operation is ensured by numerous measures; and the total transformation of the patient in the long run is always closely monitored. Allure Clinics today, brings a visionary perspective to hair transplantation by handling the whole process in a holistic way. For us, it's not just the medical operation, but a total experience starting with a total hospitality experience, going on with the operation day; starting a new chapter in the life of the patient.

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Allure Premiere Clinics 

Welcome to Allure, the cosmetic clinics specialists. Allure helps people across the globe gain access to the highest quality cosmetic treatments and aesthetic procedures.

Now you can achieve the looks you want safely and affordably with the best doctors and clinics with Allure.

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Comprehensive Concierge Services


Taking a trip to another country can be stressful. Arranging all the details takes time and knowledge. Now you can imagine how much more is involved if you want to travel abroad for a medical procedure. This is where Allure’s Concierge Services takes center stage.


From start to finish, we take care of every detail. We set up the initial consultations, arrange quotations and support you throughout the process. We also make all travel arrangements, accommodation, doctors’ appointments, post-care follow up and much more. Plus, our concierge team can even arrange tours and excursions to transform your trip into a thoroughly enjoyable vacation. Best of all, our team is available throughout your journey to assist with anything you might need.

  • End-to-end comprehensive travel packages including transfers, accommodation, visas, treatment bookings, and more.

  • Pre and post-procedure consultations and follow-ups.

  • Leisure activities, translators, support, and anything else you need.

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