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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Allure Premium Clinics. We are dedicated to facilitating your access to high-quality cosmetic

treatments and aesthetic procedures at our partner clinics around the globe. Below, we outline the

framework of our services, the obligations and rights of our clients, and the operational policies that

govern our engagement. By engaging with our services, you acknowledge and accept these Terms and


1. Services and Client Eligibility

1. Service Provision: Allure Premium Clinics acts solely as a facilitator, connecting clients

with our network of global partner clinics that specialize in cosmetic and aesthetic

procedures. We are not a healthcare provider, nor do we employ medical professionals.

2. Our Role: Allure Premium Clinics serves as a bridge between individuals seeking cosmetic

and aesthetic enhancements and a curated selection of top-tier clinics across the globe. Our

role encompasses:

● Facilitation: We coordinate consultations, bookings, and logistical arrangements for

clients seeking cosmetic procedures.

● Vetting: Each partner clinic within our network has been rigorously evaluated to meet

high standards of quality and safety.

● Consultation Support: While we do not provide medical services, we assist clients in

obtaining the necessary pre-consultation information to make informed decisions.

● Procedure Coordination: We organize all aspects of the procedure scheduling,

ensuring that client preferences and needs are communicated effectively to the partner


3. Client Eligibility: To ensure a responsible and ethical approach to cosmetic procedures, we

have established the following eligibility criteria:

● Age Requirement: All clients must have reached the age of majority, defined as 18

years in most jurisdictions, to engage with our services.

● Consent for Minors: Clients under 21 years, considered minors in some regions, must

present consent from a parent or legal guardian. This consent must be documented in a

format that satisfies the legal requirements of the client’s and clinic’s locale.

● Legal Capacity: Clients must be able to demonstrate the capacity to enter into a

contractual agreement, which includes an understanding of the terms and conditions,

financial obligations, and the nature of the procedures sought.

4. Procedure-Specific Eligibility: Some procedures may require additional criteria to be

met by the client, including but not limited to, a comprehensive medical history review,

current health status, and acknowledgment of procedure-specific risks. To maintain the

integrity of the client-clinic relationship and ensure the safety and suitability of procedures,

we adhere to the following:

● Medical History Review: Clients must provide a comprehensive medical history,

which may include previous surgeries, ongoing treatments, medications, and any known

allergies or health conditions.

● Current Health Assessment: Certain procedures might necessitate a current health

examination, possibly requiring clearance from a medical professional to proceed.

● Risk Acknowledgment: Clients are required to engage in a detailed briefing on the

specific risks associated with their chosen procedure. This may involve consultations with

specialists to discuss potential complications and post-operative care requirements.

● Informed Consent: Clients must sign an informed consent form, which is a legally

binding document acknowledging the risks, benefits, alternatives, and the voluntary

nature of the procedure.

● Follow-Up Care: Some procedures may necessitate a commitment from the client to

engage in follow-up care, including post-operative appointments, recovery protocols, and

lifestyle adjustments to ensure optimal results.

2. Booking, Payment, and Financial Terms

1. Booking Procedures: Bookings are to be made exclusively through our official

communication channels, which include our website, direct telephone lines, or through an

authorized Allure Premium Clinics representative.

2. Payment Obligations: Our financial policy is designed to be transparent and

client-friendly, with the following stipulations:

● Advance Payment: To secure a booking, clients are required to pay in advance for the

procedure and any related services. This ensures the reservation of the clinic’s time and


● Deadline: The full balance is due no later than fourteen (14) days before the scheduled

departure for the procedure. This timeline allows for the completion of all necessary

pre-procedure arrangements.

● Non-payment Consequences: If full payment is not received by the stipulated

deadline, the booking will be automatically canceled. Any deposits or partial payments

previously made will be non-refundable in this scenario.

● Payment Confirmation: Upon receipt of payment, clients will be provided with final

confirmation of their booking and a receipt.

3. Authorization to Deduct:

● Initial Payment: To secure your booking, an initial payment (deposit) is required. You

have the option to provide your card details for processing this payment or to make the

payment online through our secure payment portal.

● Automatic Payment of Remaining Balance: For your convenience, we offer the

option to automatically charge your card for the remaining balance of your procedure 21

days before your scheduled appointment date. If you choose this option, you authorize

Allure Premium Clinics to collect the remaining payment directly from your card without

further action required on your part.

● Card Details and Security: Allure Premium Clinics adheres to strict Payment Card

Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards to ensure the protection of your card information.

Your card details are securely stored and processed by our trusted payment gateway.

● Refusal of Automatic Payment: If you prefer not to allow automatic payment, you

must inform us in writing at least 30 days before your scheduled procedure date. In this

case, you will be responsible for manually paying the remaining balance within the

specified timeframes outlined in your booking confirmation.

● Failed Payments: If the automatic payment fails for any reason (e.g., insufficient funds,

expired card), we will make reasonable attempts to contact you to update your payment

information. If we are unable to collect the payment within 5 business days, your

procedure may be subject to cancellation, and the cancellation policy will apply.

4. Accepted Payment Methods: To accommodate diverse client needs, we offer several

payment options:

● Credit Cards: We accept all major credit cards, which provide a convenient and

immediate payment method.

● Debit Cards: Debit card payments are also accepted and are a straightforward way to

pay directly from your bank account.

● Secure Transactions: All transactions are processed through secure, encrypted

channels to protect client financial information.

● Payment Plans: In select cases, payment plans may be available. Clients interested in

this option should discuss its availability with our representatives during the booking


5. Additional Financial Considerations

● Pricing Transparency: All costs associated with the procedure and additional services

will be clearly outlined during the booking process, with no hidden fees.

● Currency Exchange: For international clients, payments will be processed in the

clinic’s local currency, or in a major currency as applicable, with exchange rates provided

at the time of payment.

6. Financial Assistance:

● Insurance Inquiries: Clients who have medical or travel insurance should inquire with

their providers about coverage for the selected cosmetic procedures.

● Consultation on Costs: We offer financial consultation services to assist clients in

understanding the full scope of their financial commitment.

3. Pricing Structure and Additional Fees

At Allure Premium Clinics, our pricing strategy is meticulously crafted to provide transparency and

value to our clients while ensuring access to premier cosmetic and aesthetic services worldwide.

1. Variable Pricing: Our pricing model is dynamic and considers various factors to provide a

personalized experience:

● Clinic Location: The geographical location of our partner clinics can affect the overall

cost due to differences in the local economy, operational costs, and regional pricing


● Surgeon Expertise: The experience level and reputation of the surgeon performing the

procedure contribute to the pricing. Renowned surgeons with extensive credentials may

command higher fees.

● Procedure Complexity: Costs may vary based on the complexity and duration of the

procedure. More intricate surgeries requiring advanced skills or longer operating times

will be priced accordingly.

● Custom Requirements: Additional client-specific requests such as special

post-operative care, use of particular materials or technology, or expedited scheduling

can influence the final cost.

● Inclusive Packages: We offer packages that may include the procedure, preoperative

consultations, post-operative care, accommodation, and sometimes even local

transportation. These packages are tailored to the client's needs and can offer cost savings

compared to individual service pricing.

2. Facilitation Fee: Our facilitation fee reflects the comprehensive suite of services we


● Coordination: This includes end-to-end management of the procedure booking, travel

arrangements, and clinic coordination.

● Consultation Support: We offer assistance with initial consultations and provide

information to help clients make informed decisions.

● Personalized Care: A dedicated representative will be assigned to guide clients

through each step of the process, ensuring personalized attention and service.

● Fee Transparency: The facilitation fee is included in the price quotations provided to

clients to ensure there are no surprises.

3. Price Adjustments: Price stability and predictability are important to us, but certain

factors may necessitate adjustments:

● Market Fluctuations: Changes in market conditions, currency exchange rates, and

local economic factors can influence pricing structures.

● Medical Advancements: As new techniques and technologies emerge, pricing may be

adjusted to reflect these advancements and the value they provide.

● Regulatory Changes: Modifications in healthcare regulations or insurance coverage

standards in various countries can affect costs.

● Notification of Changes: While we reserve the right to modify our prices, we commit

to notifying clients of any changes as soon as practicable.

● Lock-In Rates: Once a client has received a final quote and provided payment, the

quoted price for the procedure is locked in and protected against any subsequent price


4. Additional Costs

● Unanticipated Expenses: In rare cases, unforeseen circumstances during surgery may

necessitate additional medical attention, resulting in extra charges. Clients will be

informed promptly if such situations arise.

● Optional Extras: Additional services such as luxury accommodation upgrades,

extended post-operative care, or additional cosmetic treatments can be arranged for an

extra fee.

5. Final Quote Confirmation: Clients are encouraged to review their final quote thoroughly

and confirm all services and fees before proceeding with payment to ensure complete

understanding and agreement.

4. Cancellation, Rescheduling, and Refund Policies

1. Cancellation Fees: Cancellation of a scheduled procedure may incur a fee, which varies

depending on the timing and reason for such cancellation. Our comprehensive cancellation

policy provides detailed information regarding potential fees.

2. Refund Processing: In the event of a cancellation that qualifies for a refund, the processing

of such refunds will adhere strictly to our cancellation policy and may take up to thirty (30)

business days to reflect in the client's account.

5. Medical Considerations and Limitation of Liability

1. Disclosure of Risks: Allure Premium Clinics prioritizes client education on the potential

risks and complications associated with cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Our commitment


● Risk Information: Provision of comprehensive information about risks, which can

range from minor and temporary side effects to more serious complications, specific

to each type of procedure.

● Informed Consent Documentation: Presentation of detailed informed consent

forms that outline the potential risks and realities of the chosen procedures. These

documents are designed to ensure clients fully understand the scope and nature of

the risks involved.

● Professional Consultation: Arrangement of consultations with medical

professionals who will explain the risks in relation to the client’s personal health


2. Client Disclosure Obligations: Clients are required to fully disclose any pre-existing

medical conditions, known allergies, or current medications during the initial consultation

with the partner clinic. A successful outcome for any cosmetic procedure relies heavily on

open communication regarding the client’s medical history:

● Medical History Forms: Clients will be asked to fill out detailed medical history

forms that must be completed honestly and thoroughly.

● Disclosure of Allergies: Full disclosure of any known allergies that could affect the

procedure or recovery process is mandatory.

● Medication and Supplements: Clients must list all current medications and

dietary supplements, as these can impact surgical outcomes and anesthesia.

3. Disclaimer of Medical Liability: Allure Premium Clinics disclaims any responsibility for

medical outcomes or complications that may arise as a result of procedures performed by

partner clinics. While Allure Premium Clinics facilitates the connection between clients and

high-quality clinics, it is important to understand the scope of our responsibility:

● Partner Clinic Responsibilities: The execution and outcomes of the medical

procedures rest solely with the partner clinics and the medical professionals performing

the procedures.

● Non-Liability: Allure Premium Clinics does not accept liability for any medical

complications or outcomes resulting from the procedures. We serve as a liaison and

support throughout the process but are not involved in the medical decision-making or


● Quality Assurance: Although we vet partner clinics for quality standards, the inherent

risks of medical procedures cannot be completely eliminated.

4. Additional Medical Considerations

● Post-Operative Care: Clients will receive instructions on post-operative care and

recovery, which are crucial for the best possible outcome and must be followed diligently.

● Emergency Protocols: In the rare event of a medical emergency, partner clinics will

have protocols in place, which will be communicated to the client beforehand.

● Follow-Up Appointments: Scheduled follow-up appointments are a critical part of the

post-operative process and are required to monitor recovery and address any concerns.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

At Allure Premium Clinics, we recognize the value of our intellectual assets and rigorously safeguard

them in accordance with applicable intellectual property (IP) laws and regulations.

1. Ownership and Restrictions: Our IP portfolio encompasses a diverse range of creative

and proprietary content that includes but is not limited to the following:

● Website Content: This includes all textual content, graphics, user interface, layout, and

design elements present on our official website.

● Promotional Materials: All materials created for the purpose of promoting our

services, such as brochures, flyers, digital ads, and promotional videos.

● Branding Elements: Our distinctive logos, trademarks, service marks, trade names,

brand names, and corporate identity that represent Allure Premium Clinics' brand in the


● Educational Content: Any informational guides, FAQs, articles, blog posts, and client

testimonials published by Allure Premium Clinics.

● Photographic and Multimedia Content: Original photographs, illustrations,

animations, and audio-visual materials produced by or for Allure Premium Clinics.

● Custom Software and Tools: Any proprietary software, applications, or digital tools

developed to enhance our service offerings, including booking systems, client relationship

management tools, and interactive features.

2. Use of Intellectual Property:

● Personal Use: Visitors to our website and users of our promotional materials may use

such content for personal, non-commercial purposes, such as gaining information about

our services.

Prohibited Acts: It is strictly forbidden to replicate, distribute, modify, create

derivative works from, publicly display, or exploit our content without obtaining prior

written consent from Allure Premium Clinics.

● Licensing: Should any individual or entity wish to use our intellectual property for

purposes beyond personal use, a formal licensing agreement must be negotiated and

executed with Allure Premium Clinics.

3. Protection and Enforcement:

● Monitoring: We actively monitor the digital landscape for unauthorized use of our

intellectual property.

● Legal Action: We reserve the right to take legal action against any infringement of our

intellectual property rights, which may include seeking damages and injunctive relief.

● Contact for Authorization: To obtain permission for use of our intellectual property,

please contact Allure Premium Clinics' legal department for further guidance and to

request a licensing agreement.

4. Attribution and Acknowledgments:

● Third-Party Content: Any content owned by third parties will be clearly identified and

attributed to its respective owners, and their intellectual property rights will be respected

and adhered to in all our operations.

7. Data Privacy and Confidentiality

1. Commitment to Privacy: Protecting the privacy and personal information of our clients is

paramount. Our Privacy Policy, available upon request, outlines our practices regarding the

collection, use, and protection of personal data.

8. Liability in Unforeseen Circumstances

1. Unforeseen circumstances are considered as events beyond the control of Allure Premium

Clinics and the client, which prevent the execution of scheduled procedures. The following are

detailed descriptions of such instances:

● Natural disasters: These include, but are not limited to, severe weather events such as

hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, or any other natural phenomena that disrupt

travel plans, damage infrastructure, or create hazardous conditions that impede the

client’s ability to undergo a scheduled procedure.

● Political unrest: Situations arising from political instability such as civil unrest,

military actions, governmental changes, or travel bans that directly impact the client's

ability to safely travel to or from the destination where the procedure is scheduled, or that

disrupt the operating capacity of our partner clinics.

● Strikes or transportation disruptions: This encompasses labor disputes, strikes, or

stoppages impacting the transportation sector, including airline pilot strikes, airport

personnel strikes, public transportation strikes, or any other labor-related disruptions

that delay or cancel flights, trains, buses, or other forms of transportation relied upon by

the client to arrive at the procedure location.

2. Exemption from Liability: Allure Premium Clinics shall not be held liable for any delays,

cancellations, or service modifications resulting from circumstances beyond our reasonable

control, including but not limited to natural disasters, labor strikes, or political instability.

3. Rescheduling Due to Unforeseen Events: While we strive to accommodate rescheduling

requests, we cannot guarantee the availability of the desired procedure date. Clients may

incur additional travel and accommodation expenses, which are not covered by Allure

Premium Clinics. We recommend the purchase of flexible travel arrangements or travel


4. Actions from Allure Premium Clinics: In the event of such unforeseen circumstances,

Allure Premium Clinics will:

● Work closely with the client to attempt to reschedule the procedure to a later date, subject

to availability and the resolution of the disruptive event.

● Assist the client in navigating the disruptions, providing information and support to the

best of our abilities.

● Waive any Allure Premium Clinics’ rescheduling fees that would normally apply;

however, clients may still be responsible for any additional costs incurred from our

partner clinics or other service providers.

● Not be liable for additional costs incurred by the client due to these circumstances, such

as, but not limited to, extended accommodation, flight changes, or other travel expenses.

● Recommend clients to maintain communication with their travel insurance provider to

understand coverage for such events.

● Clients are advised to keep informed of potential risks to travel and to have contingency

plans in place. It is highly recommended to purchase comprehensive travel insurance that

covers cancellations and disruptions due to unforeseen circumstances.

5. The above conditions are considered 'force majeure', and as such, release both Allure

Premium Clinics and the client from their contractual obligations without penalty, insofar as

the procedure cannot be performed as agreed due to such events.

9. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

The following provisions are designed to outline the legal framework and procedures for resolving

disputes that may arise from or in connection with the Terms and Conditions set forth by Allure Premium


1. Arbitration: Any dispute arising from these Terms and Conditions shall be resolved

exclusively through binding arbitration, subject to the laws of the jurisdiction where the

partner clinic is located.

10. Amendments to Terms

1. Right to Amend: Allure Premium Clinics reserves the right to modify these Terms and

Conditions at any time, without prior notice. Continued use of our services following such

amendments constitutes acceptance of the new terms.

Cancellation and Refund Policy


We at Allure Premium Clinics recognize that unforeseen events can occur, necessitating the cancellation

of a procedure. Our cancellation and refund policy are designed to be fair and clear to all our clients,

ensuring that we provide a consistent and equitable approach to handling such situations.

1. Cancellation Notice Periods and Refunds

The following outlines the refund percentage based on the notice period given before the scheduled


1. Full Payment Cancellation Notice

Cancellation Notice Period Refund Percentage

Full payment: 30 days or more before the scheduled procedure 100% refund of the procedure cost

Full payment: 15-29 days before the scheduled procedure 50% refund of the procedure cost

Full payment: 7-14 days before the scheduled procedure 25% refund of the procedure cost

Full payment: Less than 7 days before the scheduled procedure No refund

2. Down Payment Cancellation Notice

Cancellation Notice Period Refund Percentage

Down payment: within 30 days from payment date 100% refund of the down payment

Down payment: beyond 30 days from payment date No refund

3. Exceptions to Refunds

Refunds will not be issued in the following scenarios:

1. Client-Side Issues

● Inaccurate or incomplete information in the medical questionnaire.

● Failure to attend the scheduled procedure.

● Non-compliance with pre-operative instructions.

● Cancellation due to personal reasons or change of mind.

2. Unforeseen Circumstances

Unforeseen circumstances are considered as events beyond the control of Allure Premium Clinics

and the client, which prevent the execution of scheduled procedures. The following are detailed

descriptions of such instances:

● Natural disasters: These include, but are not limited to, severe weather events such as

hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, or any other natural phenomena that disrupt

travel plans, damage infrastructure, or create hazardous conditions that impede the

client’s ability to undergo a scheduled procedure.

● Political unrest: Situations arising from political instability such as civil unrest,

military actions, governmental changes, or travel bans that directly impact the client's

ability to safely travel to or from the destination where the procedure is scheduled, or that

disrupt the operating capacity of our partner clinics.

● Strikes or transportation disruptions: This encompasses labor disputes, strikes, or

stoppages impacting the transportation sector, including airline pilot strikes, airport

personnel strikes, public transportation strikes, or any other labor-related disruptions

that delay or cancel flights, trains, buses, or other forms of transportation relied upon by

the client to arrive at the procedure location.

3. Rescheduling and Change of Plans

● Rescheduling due to unforeseen circumstances is dependent on clinic availability and

may not always be possible on the same day.

● Travel expenses affected by rescheduling are non-refundable, as they fall under the

policies of respective travel providers.

● Clients are advised to book flexible travel options or travel insurance to cover potential


4. Late Arrivals

● No refunds for late arrivals, regardless of reason.

● Clients may attempt to reschedule based on clinic availability but are responsible for any

additional costs.

● Some clinics may impose rescheduling fees.

3. Process for Cancellation

To cancel a procedure, clients must:

● Contact Allure Premium Clinics at (718) 540-7413 immediately.

● Provide a clear statement of the cancellation reason and any supporting documentation.

● Our team will assess the request and process applicable refunds within 10 business days.

4. Additional Information

Allure Premium Clinics may amend the cancellation and refund policy at any time without notice. Clients

are encouraged to purchase travel insurance to cover unexpected cancellations or disruptions.

Contact Us

For any inquiries or further clarification regarding the cancellation and refund policy, please reach out to

Allure Premium Clinics at the contact number provided.

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